Empowering Business Excellence

Cornastone is experienced in the delivery of ICT solutions, services, software and infrastructure that enable businesses to realise their full potential.

Why Cornastone?

The DNA of the Cornastone brand is made up of unique and customised IT Solutions which effectively meet your business needs. Cornastone’s solid undertaking is not only to show, but educate every client on how to enhance the value they derive from their IT investments.

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Intelligent Solutions

Empowered by innovation, Cornastone is experienced in the delivery of tailormade hardware infrastructure, systems management solutions and value-added software solutions that enable businesses to realise their full potential.

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Level Two Contributor

As a proud Level Two contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, Cornastone is working tirelessly to ensure that its own transformation objectives are being met and that we adhere to the Department of Trade and Industry’s Codes of Good Practice.

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What We Do

Infrastructure Technology

Cornastone is skilled in creating technology solutions that respond quickly and effectively to the evolving complexity of software via Cloud solutions.

Big Data Analytics

Cornastone enables data to be analysed, normalised and loaded into analytical engines that can perform intelligent analyses.

Process Improvement

Cornastone takes its customers to the next level of business maturity through consulting to identify niche challenges.

Enterprise Development

Cornastone is also able to create original solutions for all customer needs, whether they be front-end and customer-facing, back office, or any other software solution.

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