Lufuno Nevhutalu

Lufuno Nevhutalu is the Executive Chairman of Cornastone, having co-founded the company in 2001 with Manuel Texeira. He is responsible for group strategy, sales and overall administration of the Cornastone business.

He founded Cornastone out of a desire to create an agile entrepreneurial business where positive actions and attitudes are encouraged.

Lufuno says that his greatest achievement is leading Cornastone successfully for more than 15 years, with a team of committed professionals and passionate entrepreneurs who have delivered meaningful solutions to the company’s loyal clients.

George Tlhabane

George Tlhabane is a Managing Director at Cornastone, and joined the company in March 2003. He leads the Managed Services business, creating and implementing strategy to ensure its sustainability by growing its service offerings, and focusing on niche areas.

“At Cornastone we build long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients,” he says. “For example, we started the Outsourcing Business with the Department of Water Affairs as a client – and 11 years later, we are still offering our services to this valued client. Cornastone is like a family – we care about our clients and we care about each other.”

Ansu Sooful

Ansu Sooful is a Managing Director at Cornastone, and joined the company in August 2006. He leads the Telecommunications business. He is responsible for the formulation and implementation strategy of the business, as well as being the custodian of the research and development arm.

Ansu is passionate about our country, youth development, and low cost accessible broadband access for masses of South Africans. His objective is to find ways and means to use technology to solve everyday problems for business and society.  He believes that,”Our legacy is built by the people we touch in our lifetime.  As such, I try to ensure that in all my interactions with customers, partners, colleagues, friends and family are positive and productive.”

Manuel Texeira

Manuel Texeira is the Group Sales Director at Cornastone, having co-founded the company with Lufuno Nevhutalu in January 2001.  He is responsible for business development and all sales performance and activities within the group, and is actively involved with the various sales teams on a daily basis.

Manuel grabbed the opportunity to become an entrepreneur with the launch of Cornastone because he had always had a dream to start his own business – and the potential that the new company displayed presented the opportunity for him to do just that.

He describes Cornastone as the greatest achievement of his career, citing the exceptional teams that work there as his motivation and inspiration each day.

Tony Pollastrini

Tony is an Executive Director at Cornastone.  He joined the company in November 2004, when he co-founded a division of Cornastone that delivers management software solutions across the whole ICT infrastructure. Tony has been the driving force in growing this division and motivating technical excellence to satisfy the needs of our clients’ objectives to manage, measure, predict, and analyse ICT business services.

Tony considers himself very fortunate, in that from a very early age he wanted to forge a career in the Information Technology and Communications Industry. “From day one, starting with Main Frame Computer Systems, to the truly Digital Age we are now immersed in, I have never looked back and continue to revel at the innovative systems that continuously emerge to satisfy the critical needs of the business and personal world. Cornastone is the pinnacle of my ICT career, having afforded me the opportunity to work with colleagues that are dedicated, motivated and of a quality not easily amassed in one company.”

Buthiwe Mphelo

Buthiwe Mphelo is the Human Resources Manager at Cornastone, having joined the company in 2001. She is a strategic partner to employees at the company, working as their advocate in the environment, and as a change champion that inspires personal growth within the organisation.

Before joining Cornastone, Buthiwe worked for Computer Configurations Holdings (CCH), where her experience in communications, organisational planning and ethics positioned her well to play her significant role in the growth of Cornastone.

She holds an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management from SAIM, and completed a Management Advances Programme at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Buthiwe is passionate about her role, and the blend of culture and challenges that her job offers. “I learn a lot from my colleagues and management team, as they are all experts in their various fields. I am proud to be a part of Cornastone because the company has encouraged my growth to a management position.”

Shubnum Keshave

Shubnum is the Group Financial Manager at Cornastone. She joined Cornastone in 2015 from an auditing firm in Edenvale. Cornastone was one of her auditing clients, so she had extensive experience to fulfill the role adequately. Shubnum completed her CA(SA) qualification in 2013, after completing her CTA honours through UNISA in 2011.

She is excited to be part of the Cornastone family and continue learning from the many experienced and knowledgeable management and staff.

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