Data floods into an organisation in a never ending stream. The data has to be analysed, normalised and loaded into analytical engines that can perform intelligent analyses. Cornastone focuses on this key and complex step in the Big Data Process. It is the stumbling block that can trip the implementation of large and critical Big Data deployments.

Users demand statistical/trending reporting now. Waiting for batch jobs to complete and run overnight is no longer acceptable. Cornastone delivers the solution combined with the data ingest and normalisation to allow organisations to analyse their data, and produce reports in near realtime.

Data requires storage capacity. Storage capacity is expensive, especially if the data is static, and infrequently accessed. Industry leading data compaction and compression data storage technologies are integral components. Cornastone provide platforms that efficiently optimise compute, storage and connectivity requirements in a customisable, scalable solution using open source operating systems to avoid vendor lock in.

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