A Step-By-Step Guide

Digital is more than just…having a shiny website and a mobile app that delivers a great customer experience.

With more than 7 billion people and businesses and at least 30 billion devices connecting to the Internet by 2020 as Gartner predicts, we’re rapidly moving into the era of the Internet of Everything. We’re seeing an unprecedented convergence of people, business and devices that has caused a total industry disruption across virtually every single field. Instead of being afraid of an impending robot apocalypse or worrying that the CIA is using our webcams to spy on us, we need to view this as an age of great possibility for business.

We need to get on board with digital. The time has come to for businesses to adapt or die.

Everyone’s talking about it, but what is it? When digital and physical worlds merge, we’re able to:

  • Find new ways of solving complex problems
  • Create unique, personalised user experiences
  • Accelerate business growth exponentially

But digital transformation needs to take place on the inside first.

Your employees and business partners expect their interactions with your business to be seamless and frictionless – the same as any customer would. Ask yourself:

  • Do my employees have the information they need when they need it, in order to better serve customers and perform to the best of their ability?
  • Are there tasks that your employees have to perform repetitively, day in and day out?
  • Is it easy for suppliers and business partners to interact with your business or do they still have to jump through hoops to engage with you?

If you hesitated in answering any of those questions, chances are that your business is still in the early phases of digital transformation. While most digital transformation journeys are looked at from a technological and company-centric perspective, this can lead to disconnected business strategies.

That’s why we need to cut through the buzzwords and industry hype to focus on the real questions:

  • Will your business survive if you continue dealing with customers, employees and partners the same way you always have?
  • Can your operational efficiency be improved through technology?
  • Can your business and the lives of your people be improved through technology?
  • Can this improvement be applied across the ecosystem in which you operate?

Regardless of where your organisation might be on its digital journey, Cornastone can deliver a complete range of solutions and services to help accelerate the transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to take advantage of the constant change and unexpected opportunities that arise with digital technologies.

We can also assist your management team to understand the impact of digital on the business in a strategic and logical way – as we’ve been there ourselves, and got the t-shirts too!

Step-by-step toward a successful digital business

Digital technology can unlock a people-centric business view and enable agility within processes when it is used to:

  1. Empower people (whether customers, employees or partners) with the tools they need to succeed.
  2. Optimise all business functions to make the organisation more relevant to the market and thus more profitable.
  3. Create an interconnected ecosystem that blends seamlessly with the ways in which people live, work and interact with the world around them.

All of this is possible when a business undertakes a complete digital transformation. By using APIs to power websites, mobile apps and to enable partner integration, the business becomes capable of creating seamless omni-channel experiences to boost employee productivity.

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