Securing your digital business.

Data is the lifeblood of your digital business. Making the most of your data means more than just collecting, storing and processing information. To truly unlock the power of data for your organisation, it’s important to achieve a reliable flow of data across a secure network through cybersecurity in order to prevent data leaks, online fraud and identity theft.

Cybercrime is a reality and businesses are the target

Cyberattacks are constantly on the rise in the digital age and as your company explores new ways of doing business, it’s important to balance risk with the ability to innovate. With the right cybersecurity solutions in place to protect your most precious asset – your business data – your business will be able to confidently push the boundaries of innovation in exploration.

Your business is at risk

Today’s hackers don’t have to work hard or even be that smart to nail your business. Cybercriminals make use of backdoors left by developer errors or target employees in order to penetrate your network and hijack your data to hold it ransom.

What would happen if you were unable to access your customer data and your business-critical information? What would happen to your business reputation if your customer personal data was leaked and used to commit online identity theft or fraud? The results are potentially disastrous.

Security solutions

Cybercriminals target companies that store customers’ personal information: this ranges from social networks to retailers to online stores. Given the fact that the internet is basically a buffet for hackers to dine from, it’s critical that you eliminate any vulnerabilities that your company might have. That’s why we offer the following services and recommend the following solutions:

  • Fraud prevention anytime, anywhere, with any device.
  • Real-time verification for all enterprise access and transactions.
  • Eliminating the weakest link… passwords.


iCrypto understands that although software can be breached (if the hacker is persistent, patient and has the necessary skills) people are the biggest vulnerability in any company.  This is because people:

  • Want to use their own devices at work without giving much thought to cybersecurity and identity theft
  • Don’t give much thought to password security or how easy it can be for hackers to steal personal information for the purposes of identity theft or fraud.

iCrypto makes it possible to create an impenetrable network/application profile that belongs exclusively to one individual. By using sophisticated algorithms that combine location, time, past behaviour and biometric signatures, iCrypto prevents the unauthorised use of another person’s identity through seamless access control and intuitive transactional verification. This means that a cybercriminal cannot gain access to your company’s secure network or business data by impersonating one of your employees or customers.

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