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Big data is a big deal

Big data is the lifeblood of the digital business. To harness the power of big data, it needs to be transformed into actionable information but making the most of data requires more than simply collecting, storing and processing information. Implementing operational strategies that facilitate business agility and growth depend entirely on understanding the value of data to your business without becoming a data-hoarder.

How can big data help your business?

Big data means better ways of doing business, thanks to the power of predictive analytics and advanced data science. Speed and efficiency are two core advantages of correctly harnessing big data and analytics to:

  • Empower people with access to all the relevant data they need to make informed business decisions that are more accurate and based on fact
  • Enable rapid responses to key business questions and challenges that can establish competitive edge and improve business performance
  • Answer questions that have previously resisted analysis due to their complex nature and provide these answers within seconds, not days
  • Provide new products and services to the market, based on the ability to predict customer needs and measure satisfaction through analytics, outperforming your competition.
  • Create additional revenue streams by allowing partners to utilise business datasets for their own benefit

That’s right. Big data and predictive analytics means that businesses no longer have any excuse not to give customers exactly what they want.

Analytics and Big Data Services

We know that you’d like to give your customers exactly what they want, and that your business could benefit from empowering your people with the right data when they need it. That’s why we offer the following services:

  • End to end solution requirements gathering
  • Provide the processing power you need to handle tons of data
  • Integration into your existing data warehouse
  • Capability to query any data, in any format, at any time
  • Dynamically create links between data sources graphically
  • Present visualisations on any device in real time.

HPE Vertica

A digital platform that was purpose-built right from the first line of code to handle big data. With blazing-fast analytics (up to 1 000x faster than competitors) and incredible scalability, using this solution means your business can store up to 30x more data per server. With open architecture support, the conversion of unstructured data is handled in a seamless manner by revolutionary analytics visualisation tool, Pentaho, to create beautiful data visualisation dashboards from big data sources.

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