The best customer service is no service.

Everyone is talking about customer satisfaction, but very few organisations are actually getting it right. Customer service is hard work for your customers and time consuming, too.

There are many hoops to be jumped through to verify identity and there are many departments to navigate to find the right representative within your organisation to assist. With each new person that the customer comes into contact with, their query will need to be repeated afresh which leads to frustration. Resolution rarely occurs in real-time and the customer is left waiting for someone to call or email him back, which further fuels customer frustration.

Customer service is hard work for your customer service representatives. Call centre agents spend too much time logging into applications, navigating through complex screens, searching for the right answer while struggling to remember processes and dealing with the implications of redundant data entry – all of which leads to a disappointing customer experience because agents are unable to resolve customer issues straightaway.

Right now, your competition is servicing its clients where they are – on their mobile devices, on social networks and delivering customer satisfaction in real-time through technology. Can you say the same about your business?

The importance of digital customer service

Each customer-facing channel of your organisation is a representation of your entire company. Even if your company is not on social media, your customers are, which means that they’re already talking about your organisation. Can your business afford not to be part of the conversation?

Whether the contact channel is a physical store, social media platform, call centre, or mobile app, each channel creates an impression for customers and the reputation of your business is at stake. Wouldn’t it make good business sense to ensure that each customer experience, regardless of channel, is consistently delightful?

The answer is obvious, yet there are still many frustrated customers out there.

What are companies doing wrong with customer service?

  • Allowing legacy technologies (often decades’ old) to drive customer service tools
  • Not recognising the true value of customer data and thus not treating it properly
  • Failing to equip customer service representatives with the data they need to actually service customers
  • Maintaining separation between physical and digital channels, instead of seeking seamless omni-channel communications across the organisation.

Fixing customer service means putting customers first

Customer satisfaction starts with putting the customer at the centre of everything your organisation does. A customer-centric approach to customer service is exactly what it says.

What do customers want?

  • To have their queries, complaints and issues resolved timeously, on a contact channel of their choice – social media, telephone, email, web chat etc.
  • To feel like their business matters to an organisation, instead of being made to feel like just another number
  • To be addressed personally and proactively presented with offers and services that are tailored to be relevant to their actual interests and intentions.

How can businesses give their customers what they want?

It is understandable that there are a large number of people who are not yet comfortable with digital channels. To service these customers, it’s important to intercept them where they currently are – call centre and store.  Here, the key to unlocking digital channel adoption is to create human-like conversational interfaces.

Digital needs the human touch.

Once the customer realises that it is faster and more effective to use these digital channels, there will be a positive shift towards acceptance of self-service for customer service. After all, the best customer service is no customer service at all.

Creating thrilling customer experiences

The speed at which the digital revolution is affecting contact centres can no longer be ignored.  To help your business take advantage of the convenience of digital interactions to create thrilling customer experiences, we offer the following services and recommend the following solutions:

  • Whether your customers love shopping, travelling or entertainment, we can give them an unparalleled digital experience.
  • Implementing leading-edge technology that will keep your customers engaged.
  • Allow your customers to use any device they please without hampering their journey.

Visual IVR

Creating a frictionless digital customer service experience is easy with Visual IVR. Visual IVR transforms your Voice IVR into a digital experience, improving self-service by allowing customers to transition from self-service on a digital channel to agent assistance with full background context. This results in significantly reduced handle times and eliminates the element of customer frustration.

How IVR works

  • Customers dialing your customer service hotline are given the option to launch a digital interaction to begin self-service without needing to hang up
  • Visual IVR creates a visual version of your voice IVR so your customers can now simply touch their way through your IVR, with the ability to enter complex data and easily go back and choose different options
  • With Visual IVR, your customers can navigate multiple channels while keeping the context of their original purpose with seamless continuity from self-service to assisted service. Whether it’s web, mobile or voice engagement, Visual IVR is there when you need it.

Did you know?

Recently implemented by Turk Telecom to service more than 40 million customers, Visual IVR was responsible for a 30% increase in self-service in the first month alone.

Jacada Virtual Agent

Jacada Intelligent Assistant is an interactive virtual agent powered by AI that forms a vital component of the digital customer service journey provided by Visual IVR.

Bringing the human touch to digital support, this agent is always available to intuitively assist your customers with their simple or complex customer service support and/or sales related needs. Natural language processing allows the Intelligent Assistant to understand the intent of the customer and guided flows make it transactional for effective and efficient service.

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