Organisations need their businesses to achieve a competitive advantage to be successful, profitable and sustainable. Compute is all about providing the necessary processing resources to allow the organisation to prosper. From large global corporates with international datacentres to local industry meeting regional markets, organisations need to be more efficient, agile and adaptable to the ever changing business landscape. Delivering the right compute requirement at the right time to meet the requirement is the Cornastone forte.

Data is generated at rates that we cannot easily keep pace with. Data comes in a tsunami that can overwhelm and drown an organisation in trying to track, trace and analyse intelligently. The data needs to be harnessed, categorised, stored, protected and discarded when eligible. Cornastone delivers solutions to meet the most demanding data flood and performance requirements, whether it is a software-defined hyper converged solution, or high performance all flash array.  Cornastone specialises in providing the necessary data protection solutions, to ensure data can be recovered in case of an outage.

The world is going virtual and wireless. Virtual reality is becoming the reality. Key to the virtualisation march is the requirement for high speed bandwidth and connectivity. Cornastone delivers connectivity solutions that modernise, enhance and exceed current organisation requirements, but will allow organisations to grow and compete in the highly virtualised fluid resource consumption vision (of the Software Defined Datacentre) of tomorrow.

Management of the infrastructure is mission critical. It must also be automated. Data flows like a river. If the river gets blocked because of a system outage, the backlog builds, and when the flood breaks it can lead to a calamitous situation.  Cornastone offers automated infrastructure management solutions that ensure that all the infrastructure is managed, monitored and appropriate notifications and alerts are raised in the event of a change in behaviour. By utilising Operations Analytics, we are able to anticipate when systems are about to fail and can proactively move workloads between systems to ensure adequate availability and performance.

Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of computing resources. As one of a handful of HP certified Cloud Builders in the EMEA region, Cornastone is a leader in this field. We have been helping customers on their Cloud Journey for years and provide free assessments on how to get you into the cloud in the most seamless way possible. Rapidly develop, deploy and iterate your applications without worrying about system resources. We manage your applications, databases, storage and servers so you don’t have to or we could automate your systems to reduce the administrative burden on your staff. Applications hosted on Cloud Platforms can automatically scale up to handle the most demanding Internet-scale workloads and scale down when traffic subsides. Either way, chat to our experts to find out how we can create a more dynamic environment that reduces complexity, whilst preparing you to be more agile than ever, to confront the ever-changing face of business.

We assist our customers through careful consultation and planning with the business around their specific IT needs. Some of the areas that we specialise in are High Availability (HA) of systems as well as Business Continuity (BC). Whilst most firms do understand the need for these important elements, few have actually aligned their IT systems to cater for major catastrophes. Our highly skilled consultants will provide a hybrid between what the business needs as well as what is financially viable for your organisation.

Data needs to be protected. It is the lifeblood of the organisation, but data can be easily deleted, corrupted or lost. An organisation needs to have the confidence that its data is protected and can be restored at any time if required. Cornastone has deep skills and experience in designing and implementing Data Protection solutions to meet an organisation’s operational requirements such as Recovery Time and Point Objectives (RTPO).

  • Protection of Personal Information Act Compliance
    Our portfolio addresses challenges that SA firms are currently facing with regards to the POPI Act.  The implications of the stipulations of the Act spread pretty far and wide. Therefore an adequate response entails Identifying, understanding, and actively managing all of your data—whether it is legacy data, dark data, or big data. Our solutions  enables you to apply appropriate policies to this information to ensure you manage it according to regulatory requirements and avoid, security breaches, data leakage, or accidental data spoliation and data misuse. The application of policy to all data according to a solid information governance plan will help you reduce the likelihood of dark data and legacy data footprints expanding beyond control and/or exposing your organisation to business risk and litigation.
  • Optimising and Rationalising Data Storage Requirements
    Inadequate or non-existing information governance is a big factor in many organisations for exponentially growing data storage requirements.  Although storage technologies do exist to significantly reduce and/or optimise storage capacity, they should be used in conjunction with information governance, which is a key characteristic of any respectable enterprise in managing the data they own.  Our HP software solutions in this context provide for multi-faceted approaches.  For example, they can automatically traverse your company’s data repositories and discover aged-out data, redundant  data, as well as obsolete-, trivial-, and dark data.  Information governance then, defines the policies and processes that both business and IT require to ensure the alignment of functions and optimise the resources available for daily business operations.  To that end, the data is identified, indexed, organised, reduced, managed and migrated and/or defensibly disposed of.  Cornastone can take you through the myriad of options and possibilities of the field information governance.
    Summarising: instead of selling our customers more technologies and hardware that stores unnecessary data, Cornastone consults with our customers to understand how we can reduce their need for more storage and optimise their current investments. Our technologies help customers to automate the audit and communication process which then streamlines your firm’s ability to always protect sensitive information and ensure that company assets are being used in accordance with its sole purpose, i.e. generating revenue.

Without services no solution can be successfully deployed. Services are needed to install, configure, diagnose, troubleshoot, manage, and operate. Cornastone utilises industry standard methodologies to offer you end-to end management of your ICT platforms. Our portfolio of services includes everything from procurement of infrastructure to disposal of the same and includes all functions relative to the management and support which are necessary to keep your business on track. Our services desk is located in the cloud and easily accessible to you on a 24 hour basis. We also have trained engineers on standby 24 hours a day to assist you should the need arise.

  • Data Centre Services
    As centralisation of systems once again takes the fore, we find more activity taking place in the data centre. We provide a broad portfolio of data centre services including Cloud Computing systems, Data Management platforms, hosting solutions, support and management of operating platforms, data management services and back office applications.
  • Security Solution services
    Security services are focused on the management and monitoring of assets. Used heavily in the retail space, our systems have the ability to conduct number plate tracking, facial recognition, environment monitoring and asset movement. These are all done seamlessly with built in intelligence to alert security personnel/management when something has been moved or if there is a threat to the wellbeing of the environment.
  • Consulting services
    Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organisation, operations, technology, transformation, digital and advanced analytics, across all industries in Africa. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organisation. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimising the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.
  • Financing of services/infrastructure
    We have the ability to tailor every deal to suit your needs. Our offering includes financial engineering that can cater to your Capex/Opex requirements. This includes all hardware, software and services which can be either purchased at a once off fee or paid off over a medium (3 years) to long (5 years) term.

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