People should be helping other people

While the phrase ‘robotics automation’ might sound like something from a Sci-Fi movie script, it’s not that complicated, nor as threatening. Robotics process automation is simply a term that refers to the process of trying to solve inefficient business processes.

What are inefficient business processes?

Inefficient business processes can wear many different disguises in the workplace, but often look a lot like:

  • Paper-based forms for capturing data or initiating business processes
  • Manual stock-take processes
  • Manual month-end invoicing
  • Collating the latest sales information
  • Compiling monthly performance management reports
  • Capturing new employee information
  • Updating customer addresses and personal information
  • Copying and pasting data between systems resulting in duplicated data.

If your people are performing any of these tasks on a regular basis, they’re wasting their time and yours. Furthermore, due to the repetitive nature of these tasks there is a widening margin for human error and mistakes can be expensive.

Digital business process optimisation

Robotic process automation can help boost employee productivity and reduce human error by eliminating the need to waste billable time performing tasks and processes that can be automated.

This gives your people more time to spend on innovation and making customers happy, while reducing operational costs by connecting separate teams and departments within your business and empowering them to share business-critical information.

Long story short? The main advantage of robotics process automation is that it enables your people to focus on what’s important for your business – making customers happy.

Robotics and Process Automation Services

We know that complex business problems aren’t going to be solved with the thinking that created them in the first place. That’s why we offer the following services:

  • End to end requirements gathering
  • Process analysis to determine holes in the process
  • Integrating into your systems
  • Delivering the software that makes your lives easier

 Jacanda Integration & Automation

This technology solution magically integrates with your IT system (which means there’s no daunting replacement or upgrade of IT systems to slay your budget) and it does all the groundwork for you, so your employees can focus on doing what they do best: talking to other people.

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