Bringing together people and processes.

There’s little that can’t be done online these days, so why isn’t it the same for your employees when they walk through the office door? Your employees’ lives should be as seamless and integrated as their interactions with every other business out there. In fact, creating a positive employee experience is just as important as working on your customer experience.

Why? Because employees are your customers on the inside. If they’re unhappy, it affects their productivity, delivery and ultimately your customers in the outside world.

We know that your employees want to

  • Save time on mundane, paper-based processes and applications (We’re experts on this!)
  • Have the ability to access and update their own personal information
  • Manage their time away from the office with online leave applications
  • Submit timesheets electronically and often remotely
  • Identify and contact other staff for collaboration and assistance

We also know that as an employer, you’d like to

  • Upload pay slips so that they can be accessed in digital format
  • Notify employees of the status of their leave applications digitally
  • See how much time is being spent on which projects/tasks
  • Determine user access levels so the right people see the right information

We can help you simplify your employees’ experience.

To help you build a collaborative and connected environment founded on employee self-service to cater for your DIY-driven creative workforce, we offer the following services:

  • Apply for and approve leave requests
  • Microsoft Sharepoint-driven cloud or on-premise installations
  • Providing your employees access to a single place that has all your company’s information and documents

Imagine what your HR team could achieve if they didn’t have to:

  • Bear the responsibility of minor record changes (updating addresses, bank account details etc)
  • Waste time manually reviewing paper-based leave applications, or following up on supporting documentation like doctors’ notes for sick leave
  • Juggle multiple applications (with multiple logins) for payroll, finances, resource and time management

That leaves your HR squad with time to devote to more important human capital matters: like attracting rockstar talent, amplifying employee skills development, boosting company morale, focusing on corporate wellness and making your business a much happier, more productive place to work.

Create a frictionless workplace for your employees

The best employee self-service solution for your business will allow enable your workforce to be truly productive by providing them with seamless consumer-like experiences when dealing with you, as their employer.

If your HR department is still reliant on paper for most of its admin, employee self-service is a genuinely viable, cost-effective way of eliminating backlogs, improving accuracy and streamlining everything related to your most important living, breathing assets: your people.

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