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The key to smart cities: Citizen Engagement.

When thinking of utility service providers in South Africa, the first emotion that comes to mind is frustration.

To solve this problem, we need to focus on the current experiences of citizens and see how digital technologies can help enable happier, positive experiences.


Problem: No feedback given to citizens or long queues at offices.

Proposed Solution: Service Ticket Intelligence

Categorize and resolve incoming requests automatically with service ticket intelligence.

Problem: I can’t always travel to municipal offices. It will be easier for me to report issues, find info and connect with other citizens using my cellphone.

Proposed Solution: Omnichannel Customer Experience, Conversational AI, Mobile Service Execution

Provide a superior omnichannel customer experience with a full self-service orchestration platform, automate customer support to boost productivity, improve customer experience and maximize revenue.

Problem: As a municipal employee, I don’t have the best tools to service citizens. 

Proposed Solutions: Field Resource Scheduling and Dispatching, Knowledge Management, Service Request Management

Deploy the right resource to complete service orders at first visit while minimizing travel costs, ensure issue resolution on first contact with effective knowledge management and access to information.


Accurate, real-time insights will help cities improve the citizen experience

We are proud to be a recognised Silver Partner with SAP, one of the world’s leading digital transformation enablers.

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