Why Cornastone?

The DNA of the Cornastone brand is made up of unique and customised IT Solutions which effectively meet your business needs.

Cornastone’s solid undertaking is not only to show, but educate every client on how to enhance the value they derive from their IT investments.

Cornastone is experienced in the delivery of ICT solutions, services, software and infrastructure that enable businesses to realise their full potential.

Cornastone architects, supplies and implements purpose built IT infrastructure solutions comprising hardware and software, and provides ongoing post-installation support for its clients across all industries, ensuring maximum possible return on investment.

We take our customers to the next level of business maturity through consulting to identify niche challenges and then responding with the most appropriate solution to give our clients greater visibility and better control of their organisations.

Cornastone also creates and provides technology solutions that protect its customers’ revenues, with an always-on service that empowers them with detailed and accessible business insights at all times as well as reduce costs, improve productivity and increase market share.

Cornastone creates customer-centric software solutions that empower organisations to gather, store, analyse and report on the business intelligence that drives their success, making it possible for them to achieve their business development goals.

Talking to CIOs, CFOs and CEOs, the Cornastone team is small enough to be agile, responsive and innovative, but large and experienced enough to provide customer-centric solutions that offer the most relevant solution possible, using the most up-to-date products and services available.

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