Approximately 160 employees make up the dynamic team of Cornastone

We believe that we have established a people-centric culture, where only the right quality of people are hired and trained. Our passionate and talented team comprises a selection of highly-skilled professionals – at both management and technical levels – who boast outstanding track records in sales, systems design and delivery.

We believe in the power of investment. This is why incessant employee training, development and education aids us in the growth of loyal and proficient team players that meet real business requirements with distinctive IT solutions.

We believe in ethics, responsibility, accountability and empowerment.

In keeping with our commitment to reflect the diversity of our country and to contribute to the building of a positive future for South Africa, Cornastone embarked on a broad-based BEE process.

The company is a 91% black-owned business – that places internal employee empowerment high on its agenda. We strive to continually encourage and enhance gender equality and empowerment.

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