Infrastructure Technology

Organisations need their businesses to achieve a competitive advantage to be successful, profitable and sustainable. Compute is all about providing the necessary processing resources to allow the organisation to prosper.

Monitoring & Process Improvement

Cornastone takes its customers to the next level of business maturity through consulting to identify niche challenges and then responding with the most appropriate solution to give its clients greater visibility and better control of their organisations.

Multi-Modal Customer Interactions

Cornastone creates and provides technology solutions that protect its customers’ revenues, with an always-on service that empowers them with detailed and accessible business insights at all times as well as reduce costs, improve productivity and increase market share.

Big Data Analytics

Data floods into an organisation in a never ending stream. The data has to be analysed, normalised and loaded into analytical engines that can perform intelligent analyses.

Enterprise Development & Support

ERP is a combination of applications that are written and supported by a common foundation. They are applications or systems that enhance the entire business’s Value Chain from the Back Office through to the Customer facing elements of the business.

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