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There’s little that can’t be done online these days, so why isn’t it the same for your employees when they walk through the office door? Your employees’ lives should be as seamless and integrated as their interactions with every other business out there. In fact, creating a positive employee experience is just as important as working on your customer experience.

Why? Because employees are your customers on the inside. If they’re unhappy, it affects their productivity, delivery and ultimately your customers in the outside world.

We know that your employees want to

  • Save time on mundane, paper-based processes and applications (Check out Robotic Process Automation),
  • Have the ability to work from home, the gym or the bed,
  • Collaborate with their team members building slide decks, spreadsheets or documents using their smartphone,
  • Have access to all company knowledge within a few taps,
  • Use the tool that 5 million businesses around the world are leaning on for their success.

We also know that as an employer, you’d like to

  • Reduce operational and communication costs between employees,
  • Keep track of employee performance within your organisation for incentive programs,
  • Assign and manage employee laptops and smartphones (even remote wipe them when they’re lost or stolen!),
  • Retain your best employees by enabling them to continuously learn and grow.

We can help you simplify your employees’ experience.

To help you build a collaborative and connected environment founded on employee self-service to cater for your DIY-driven, braai lovin’ creative workforce, we offer the following services:

  • Meet you where you are in your digital journey and help you build a unified communication strategy,
  • G Suite or Google Cloud-driven installations,
  • Migration from Office 365 to G Suite.

Create a frictionless workplace for your employees

The best employee self-service solution for your business will allow enable your workforce to be truly productive by providing them with seamless consumer-like experiences when dealing with you, as their employer.

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